january photo a day challenge: day 18-30

catching up on my january photo a day challenge by fat mum slim.


and here’s day 31: me, again

i got a little behind near the end of the month, but it was a lot of fun to be able to see everyone’s photos everyday. so cool to see how we’re all using the same theme, but coming up with such different photos everyday.

so…now it’s time for february!

i’ll be uploading all my pictures to instagram & twitter so follow me if you got it: alysiajuanita


january photo a day challenge: day 1-15

when i heard about the january photo a day challenge that is being hosted by fat mum slim  i knew that it was something i really wanted to do! i’ve been wanting to do a project 365 for awhile now, but honestly, i probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. sure, i take a lot of photos, but blogging is not my strong-suit (obviously!). so looking at it a month at a time seemed pretty manageable.

here’s my day 1-15 (i’ll try to post the rest daily…try being the key word here):

if you have instagram or twitter you can follow me on there, too: alysiajuanita

if you still want to join in there’s still half the month left, play catch up! and it turns out she’s going to post a different monthly challenge so you can start in february, too.

until next time…