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Are you ready for our Manic Monday?

Benjamin has been on this kick where he wakes up early & hangs out in bed with mama & papa every morning. My Monday morning started with some pounding on the head & some little kisses at about 7:15 a.m., quite a bit earlier than I was hoping. I tried to resist his wake up call, but since it was early I figured we’d get started on our busy day.

We did a Joann’s trip followed by Target, the Post Office & Pay-Less (not pictured, but pretty much the same). We tried to make it to the grocery store too, but sleep was calling Benjamin’s name (thanks to his early wake up call) so we headed home.

I had a nice time relaxing & getting some much needed crochet time in. I’ve been trying to finish this blanket for months & it’s finally almost done.

Nap time didn’t last forever & Benjamin eventually woke up after a couple of hours ready to play & take some super cute pictures!

After some playtime we headed out to the way-too-busy-post-office, best part was that I wore Benjamin in my ring sling on my back & he LOVED that. Too bad that was probably the last time, he’s getting a little too heavy for pregnant me to carry for too long.

After running to the grocery store for potato salad supplies papa was was home & gave Benjamin a bath. The best part of his day is usually after his bath where he gets a little naked time. haha He chose to spend it curled relaxing on our IKEA chair with is two pals; his pacifier & his blanket.

For dinner I made some awesome potato salad using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe & slightly tweaking it. Boy, was it good! Benjamin got some spoon practice in with his apple sauce & did much better than I expected. Up until this point we’ve done very little with the spoon & most stuff with just our fingers. He was exhausted by the end of the day & went down for bedtime perfectly.

The best part of my night-making some homemade biscuits. So yummy. The rest of my night was pretty uneventful & ended with me falling asleep on the couch.

And here’s yet another, Manic Monday. For more Manic Monday’s check out Mommy Elephant’s Everyday Adventures blog!


Manic Monday

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It’s another Manic Monday at Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures Blog.

It’s been a busy couple of days so I am finally getting around to posting my Manic Monday. It was such a freakin rad day!

Here’s my favorite boy all bundled up & ready for his nap.

While Benjamin was napping I got reacquainted with my Kitchen Aide mixer & whipped up a batch of Sunflower Seed Butter & Banana muffins (with a little cauliflower hidden in there). They turned out sooo good!

I made Yogurt Pops with mixed berries & vanilla yogurt & was so excited for Benjamin to try them at lunch. I thought he’d have a great time eating it.

I was just slightly wrong about that…He liked it, but I think it was just a bit too cold. He spent more time rubbing it on his high chair tray than actually eating it. Oh well! More for me & the hubs.

After lunch my BFF Hannah came into town so we went for a walk in Balboa Park-my absolute FAVORITE place in the city.

After picking up my hubs we ate an amazing dinner at Ranchos Mexican & Vegetarian Cuisine in North Park that I failed to take any pictures of. The restaurant is awesome & they have so much great food. If you’re a vegetarian (or just like good mexican) check them out when you’re in San Diego.

We ended the night at my favorite North Park coffee shop, Claire De Lune, with a fabulous cup of tea & some good conversation…and a little boy that ran around the whole place charming the pants off of people.

Good day…

Manic Monday

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It’s another Manic Monday at Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures Blog.

Apparently Benjamin & I were extremely exhausted from a busy Sunday because when I woke up at 9:45 my baby boy was still asleep!

After a yummy breakfast we spent some time playing and acting silly.

Benjamin had a Sunflower Seed Butter & Boysenberry Jam sandwich for lunch. I love messy food faces.

We bought the book Deceptively Delicious on Sunday & I was so excited to try out the Peanut Butter & Banana muffin recipe. I replace the Peanut Butter with Sunflower Seed butter since we don’t eat peanuts in our house. They came out amazing! Both the hubby & the baby boy love them, too.

I did a little photo shoot since I actually curled my hair & did my makeup. Love feeling put together.

Yo Gabba Gabba is a current favorite in our home & as soon as I even mention turning it on Benjamin runs to his rocking chair to sit down & starts clapping his hands. I love the excitement on his face!

For dinner I used another Deceptively Delicious recipe & made lasagna, which the hubby LOVED. I felt very domestic today.

We ended the night with some couch time & watching the end of Invictus, which even though I fell asleep for a couple of minutes, I really loved.

Manic Monday

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It’s my first Manic Monday! The deal is that all day Monday I’m going to take photos of whatever I do, which will basically be whatever Benjamin is doing. 🙂 It’s something that I’ve seen over at Sarah’s blog for quite some time & I’m finally getting around to joining. So here it goes…

Benjamin woke up in quite a silly mood this morning. after getting ready we went to breakfast with Great Grandpa Jim, Great Grandma Betty, Aunt Christina & Madelyn. It was so much fun, I love having family in town!

After breakfast we got on our way to Moorpark to visit Grandma Joyce & Grandpa John for a few days.

Benjamin made himself at home at Grandma & Grandpa’s. While I went outside I left him in the house with family & when I walked back in nobody seemed to know where he was. I knew he couldn’t have gone far so after checking the rooms one more time I checked the back yard again & there he was! Apparently he took advantage of the fact that everyone thought someone else was watching him & snuck out through the doggy door. Must be nice to be so small.

Soon enough it was back for some car time. We drove up to Carpenteria to take Great Grandma Betty to visit her aunt for the week.

Benjamin discovered his old swing today & decided that he wanted to spend a little time in it. I can’t believe he actually fit in it before!

After dinner it was time for one more outing for the night.

We tried on some See Kai Run shoes at the mall. As soon as I pick which ones I want I’m placing my order! He looked so cute in them.

And now here we are at Grandma & Grandpa’s. When we got home Benjamin was out! Unfortunately, our dogs woke him up! *sigh*

My Manic Monday is definitely not over. Hope it doesn’t last too much longer! Until next week…