Body After Baby

This week our Body After Baby question was “What is your favorite healthy snack?” Honestly, I’m not much of a snacker. I have gotten into the habit over the past few weeks of eating 3 big meals a day, which has been leaving me pretty satisfied and full until my next meal. If I do happen to get hungry I usually eat a banana, some dried fruit & nuts, or maybe a quesadilla (i know, not that healthy!).

This past week I have finally started to feel motivated to eat better & work out. I have had so much fun over the past week trying out new recipes for my family & I’m excited to say that they’re actually coming out good. I’m not much of a cook & usually my meals are pretty basic, but lately I’ve tried to step out of my comfort zone & it’s definitely paying off. I’ve also been really motivated to work out & even pulled out my running shorts (that have been used maybe a handful of times) and shoes. Sadly, I haven’t actually used them, but this week that’s going to change for sure! I really want to try to walk/jog atleast 3 times this week, preferably by myself. My stroller isn’t really up for a good walk in my hilly neighborhood & I love being able to just walk/jog by myself and have some alone time. I know my awesome husband would be more than willing to help me out with that especially since he loves to get out for a run by himself & always encourages me to do the same.

Thankfully, even though I haven’t been doing as well as I’d like to, my weight hasn’t gone up like I thought it had. Unfortunately, though, I’m seeing my lack of motivation manifest itself in the fact that some of my jeans aren’t fitting as well as they once were. Totally frustrating, but I have no one to blame, but myself.

I’m looking forward to this week & the changes that I’m continuing to make. Until next week…


Body After Baby Goals

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

It’s time for another round of the 8-week Body After Baby Challenge put on by Samantha at Mama Notes. I attempted the last round of the Body After Baby Challenge & did…just okay. I made some progress in the weight loss department & have lost all of my pregnancy weight & a little more (a big thank you to exclusively breastfeeding), but I did nothing as far as actually being healthy. I still have a long way to go!

Long Term Goals (Pretty much the same as the last time):

  • Eat healthier. I get on kicks where I eat super healthy for a few days & then it never seems to last. I really want to focus on eating breakfast every morning. I find that when I do that the rest of my day goes so much better. I also want to make sure that I’m eating a healthy snack a couple times a day, too. I really hope to start cooking more, too. I am not a super gifted cook & my cooking usually comes to making the same things every week. When I do cook I’m not too bad, but I know I could get a lot better if I kept practicing consistently.
  • Develop an exercise routine. I keep saying I want to do pilates. I keep saying I want to do yoga. I keep saying I want to walk. I do absolutely nothing. My feelings about exercise are so tied to how tired I am & what the weather is outside that I usually end up doing something stationary in the house instead of getting up & moving like I’m supposed to. I’m going to be realistic. 3 days a week of exercise, not including family walks, is something that I would LOVE to do & can actually see myself doing. Not sure what that’s going to consist of yet, though.
  • Shed some fat on my stomach & strengthen my abs. I love love love that all of my baby weight is gone, but I hate hate hate that my stomach is all fat & flab. Understandably, I had a baby, my stretch marks & stretched out skin aren’t going to magically disappear. But it would be so awesome to actually begin to build some muscle in that area. It’ll totally help my aching back & make me feel a lot better!
  • Drink more water! I know I can do it, I love water! I have a huge Kleen Kanteen that I usually lug around with me everywhere I go. Heck, I have 4 Kleen Kanteens all in different sizes just to make it easier for me to carry water depending on where I’m going & how long I’m going to be gone during the day. You’d think that my water intake would be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s not. I’ve been so tired lately that I’ve gotten back in the habit of having a large Cherry Coke every opportunity I get. It’s time to put a stop to that bad habit that keeps revisiting me.

Here’s to 2010 & all you mama’s out there! Excited to go through another 8 weeks with you.

So excited to get started…right after I finish this Cherry Coke…

    body after baby: week no. 6

    wow, i cannot believe we are already in week 6 of mama note’s body after baby challenge! i’m happy to say that even though i haven’t been super consistent in everything i’m doing, i’m starting to feel healthier & i can definitely see a difference in my clothing. i’ve even started to be able to wear a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that i thought would never fit again!

    this past week there was no mini challenge & it was an awesome week for me to reevaluate what i’ve been doing & where i need to improve. i improved my water intake and my exercise routine. i did pilates & yoga & even though i’m super sore, i’m happy that i’ve started trying to exercise. now i just have to start doing it consistantly. my goal is to do pilates atleast 3 times a week & i think i can pull it off with benjamin’s current sleep schedule in the morning. it leaves me the perfect amount of time to get up & do it before he wakes up again.

    this week’s mini challenge is “how many days of 8 hours of sleep can you get”? luckily, i usually get about 8 hours of sleep a night, so i’m stoked on this week’s challenge. i have an awesome husband who gets up with benjamin every morning while i sleep & brings him back for me to nurse when he’s ready to go back to sleep. i am totally spoiled & i am so thankful for it. i hope to get my maximum amount of points this week!

    this week’s goals:

    • eat 3-5 healthy meals & snacks each day.
    • walk atleast 3 times for atleast 1/2 hour each time.
    • do pilates atleast 3 times this week.
    • drink atleast 80 oz. of water each day.

    how are the rest of you mom’s doing??

    body after baby: week no. 5

    we’re now starting week 5 of mama note’s body after baby challenge & i’m like a broken record…another week with no progress & no motivation at all. there’s not too much to report this week other than the fact that i’m home now, no longer on my extended stay at my parents house, so i’m going to attempt to get back into my normal routine. that includes eating atleast 3 healthy meals each day & starting to walk again. i’m not going to take my stats this week cause i don’t want to see how bad i’ve been doing. haha.

    this week’s goals (basically the same as last week’s & the week before) :

    • eat 3-5 healthy meals each day.
    • walk atleast 3 times for atleast 1/2 hour each time.
    • do pilates & my 15 minute ab workout throughout the week
    • cut out as much soda as possible!

    there’s no mini challenge this week so i’m hoping to just use this week to get back on track since i don’t have to worry about doing anything extra.

    here’s to week 5!

    body after baby: week no. 4

    week three of mama note’s body after baby challenge is done & i have just one word for this week: FAIL.

    i would call this week difficult, but it wasn’t really difficult to eat out a lot &  not exercise…at all. i’ve been at my parents for the past week & i wasn’t in my comfort zone at home so i let myself go eating whatever i wanted & making excuses for not walking.

    this week’s mini challenge is “how many crunches can you do per day?” i can get a total of 50 points each day for doing 50 crunches, making each crunch worth 1 point each. doing crunches & working on my ab’s has definitely been something that i’ve been wanting to do so i’m confident that i can actually keep up this week.

    this week’s goals (basically the same as last week’s) :

    • Eat 3-5 healthy meals each day.
    • Walk atleast 3 times this week for atleast 1/2 hour each time.
    • Do my 15 minute ab workout, including 50 crunches each day to get my maximum points.

    my current stats:

    • weight: i didn’t weigh myself again this week because i don’t think my mom’s scale is right.
    • waist: 33.5 in. so obviously without even weighing myself i know that i definitely did not do well. *sigh* oh well.

    one big motivator for me is that today i pulled out my old skinny jeans that i wore pre-pregnancy & they actually went on! one pair goes on & is almost comfortable enough to wear! i’m super excited & i am really going to work hard to get back into them.

    so try, try again this week. update ya again in a week with hopefully much better results.

    body after baby: week no. 2

    I’ve completed week 1 of the Body After Baby Challenge put on by Samantha at Mama Note’s blog.

    Last weeks “water drinking” challenge went great for me! I’m proud to say that I not only drank the 64 oz that I was able to get points for, but drank approximately 80 oz everyday. It honestly made such a difference for me this week. I really love drinking water & how healthy it makes me feel.

    I have definitely changed my eating habits this week. I started actually eating breakfast & that has made a huge difference in how I feel each day. I feel more energetic & that totally helps while chasing Benjamin around the room as he practices his new skill of crawling EVERYWHERE! haha. I have been trying to eat healthy snacks & meals & have been pretty successful at it, with just a couple of fast food visits. I just can’t stay away from Del Taco. It’s my fav!

    I was able to start my short term goal of walking last week. Though I wasn’t able to do it everyday I’m stoked that I was atleast able to walk a few times last week for atleast 1/2 hour each time. I even wore Benjamin in the Ergo so I think I get extra credit for that. 😉

    Speaking of walking, that is this weeks mini challenge. For each 15 minutes that we walk we get 1 point, with a maximum of 4 points each day. I’m super excited about getting out to walk & hopefully I can push myself to do it each day this week. I’m really good about saying that I’ll do it later…after laundry, after Benjamin’s nap, after I make lunch, after it’s warmer outside…I’m full of excuses.

    This Week’s Goals:

    • Walk atleast 1/2 hour everday. I’d love to walk 1 hour, but I need to be realistic.
    • Continue to change my eating habits & incorporate more calcium into my diet.
    • Do yoga or pilates at least 3 times this week.

    **UPDATE**My current stats:

    • Weight: 116-Lost a total of 3lbs, which I hope to put back on after adding some muscle to my out of shape bod.
    • Waist: 32.5 in.

    I love how great this is going & I love reading about all you other mama’s out there!

    body after baby: week no. 1

    I was so happy when I came upon the Body After Baby Challenge on Mama Note’s Blog. The Body After Baby Challenge is an 8 week challenge where you make your own diet & weekly & long term goals. Throughout the 8 weeks there are mini challenges where you can gain points & eventually there is a prize at the end. Since having Benjamin in March & exclusively breastfeeding I’ve been able to shed all of the 35 lbs I gained during pregnancy, but I have yet to start feeling healthy again. With my days so unpredictable I find it hard enough to actually eat full meals, nevermind the fact that I’d like to work out.

    Long Term Goals:

    • Eat healthier-My husband & I try to eat as healthy as possible, but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement. Now, with my son starting to eat solid foods & practicing baby lead feeding I definitely want to try harder to make meals that are healthy for all of us.
    • Develop an exercise routine-Right now my routine is non-existent. I walk if I can find the time & I carry my son around a lot of the day. haha. I would love to try to develop a routine where I walk a few times a week & do yoga or pilates on my non-walking days. I want to be realistic & strive towards doing something that I know I’m going to have time for.
    • Shed some fat on my stomach-I know that my body will never be back to “normal” after having my son. The stretch marks across my stomach remind me of that on a daily basis. I would really just like to shed some of the extra fat on my stomach and strengthen my core, which will help alleviate some of the back pain that I’m also experiencing.

    This Week’s Goals:

    • Drink water-This week’s mini challenge is “How many glasses of water can you drink?”, where 1 glass of water=1 point. For me a glass of water will equal 8oz. I love water & my goal is to fill up my Kleen-Kanteen & drink atleast 1 40oz container each day. If I can do more that would be awesome!
    • Start walking-I would love to walk, even if it’s just a short one, each night this week. My husband is always trying to get me to go out with him so I know he will be a big support for me.
    • Eat smaller portions throughout the day-I know you mom’s know how it is! Sometimes I have exactly 1 hour once my son goes down for a nap & taking a shower & blow-drying my hair usually wins over eating. On a normal day I eat maybe 2 big meals a day, which is definitely not how I should be eating. This week I’d like to eat at least 3 medium meals each day & incorporate snacks when I remember.

    My current stats: (just for fun)

    • Weight: 119
    • BMI: 20.4
    • Waist: 34 in.

    I am so excited to be a part of this & be able to see how other mom’s are doing & get the support & accountability that i so desire. I’m feeling really great about it & hope to be able to continue on for the full 8 weeks! I might post a before picture later…we’ll see how I’m feeling once I see myself in the picture. haha.