December Date Day

Woo hoo, a date during the date time! Nate happened to get a rare day off for Christmas Eve & Benjamin was with Grandma so we took advantage of the beautiful day & headed to La Jolla to have breakfast/lunch at our favorite coffee shop, the Pannikin, in La Jolla. It was awesome to just relax, hang out, talk & enjoy a cup of tea together. Hard to believe that just a few years ago we did this exact thing on a regular basis when we were kidless college students.

After eating we drove up to Mount Soledad and went for a little walk & enjoyed the beautiful views. Gosh, I love where we live!

So far so good at keeping up on our monthly dates! Can’t wait to see where we’re headed to this month.


check. check.

I haven’t been blogging much. I have all these ideas for posts, but really, it’s just not a priority. I really do miss it, though. It’s the last thing that’s on my to-do list everyday, but since today I have a little down-time I thought I’d show you 2 of the most recent things I’ve checked off my list & made [& it’s 2 more things that I’ve actually started & completed…yay for my 28-to-do-list!].

I joined a Handmade Gift Exchange on Craftaholics Anonymous & I made this scarf for my partner. To be honest, when it was done I almost kept it for myself I liked it so much. I think I’m going to have to make one for myself in the near future.  I’m thinking with a lime green instead of the red, though…what do you think?

I also finally finished this super cute & soft blanket for a good friend of mine. She is pregnant & having a girl in January & I am so excited for her! I couldn’t resist these soft colors & the soft yarn [I really wish you could feel it, it’s amazing].

So there you have it…for now…

feeling crafty

hello blog, how i’ve missed you.

this month has been ridiculously busy & i’m just now getting time [since both my boys are asleep] to sit down and reflect on what i’ve been up to & do some much needed photo editing.

i’m really trying to follow #9 of my “28 to-do-list”, which is to finish every project that i start. i’ve actually been able to follow through on a few things [i’m still working on a ton of stuff] so here’s what i’ve been up to.

i recovered some 2 of our throw pillows in our living room to add some much needed color. our couches are beige, our walls are beige, our furniture is light wood…the blandness was driving me crazy. hoping to incorporate some more red into the room, i think it’ll make it really fun.

my niece is addicted to a crocheted blanket that was given to her as a gift when she was born. unfortunately, it’s a little large for her to tote around everywhere so i made her a small blanket to carry around. it’s still not the same as her favorite, but it’s growing on her.

one of  hubby’s cousins just had a super cute baby girl & i really wanted to take her something when we first met her. i hadn’t sewed a blanket in awhile so it’s really not the best i’ve ever sewed, but i think the super cute fabric makes up for my lack of perfection.

i still have LOTS that i’m working on & trying to get finished before malachi gets here [only 6 weeks left!] so i hope to update you all soon!

september date night

We cut it close in September & went out for our date night on September 30…just in the nick of time. Thankfully a couple of good friends were able to watch Benjamin for a couple of hours while we went to SDSU’s Living Room Cafe. So many good desserts & teas to choose from!

We shared an AMAZING cherry tart. [I’ve been craving one ever since.]

Had a lovely cup of tea. Our favorite.

Played a little Scrabble Slam!

And just enjoyed being together. ❤

august date night

Date Night! 2 Months in a row we’ve been able to get out for a bit & I couldn’t be more excited about it. This month not only do I get to cross off #1 on my 28 To Do List [go on a date once a month], but I get to cross off #19, too, which is to go on a picnic in Balboa Park.

Nate & I went to Balboa Park to watch a Mariachi band from Chula Vista, part of their Twilight in the Park Concert Series. We got there a little late, but the concert was so much fun! I have a thing for Mariachi bands & I [not so] secretly want Benjamin to play in one when he gets older. How cute would he be?! I know, I know…I’m crazy. We set up a little picnic on the lawn just behind the pavilion, where we were still able to see the stage, but still be able to hear each other talk.

I thought that since we were watching Mariachi’s we should also have Mexican food for dinner. I made posole using a Rachel Ray recipe that is super easy & Nate & I both love it.

It was great to just relax, catch up on all those little things we forget to talk about & just enjoy being with each other in one of our favorite places in San Diego.

When we got home I was still craving dessert so I made Apple Dumplings using a Pioneer Woman recipe [pretty much my favorite recipes right now]. They turned out AMAZING! We shared some with the Williams’ next door & they agreed with us just how good they were. I will be making more of these throughout this pregnancy for sure.

Can’t wait for date night next month…I think it’ll be hubby’s turn to plan it. 🙂

july date night

thanks to some awesome friends who gifted us with a night of babysitting hubby & i got to go out on a date night. and where in all of san diego did we go for dinner on our first kidless date night in months? olive garden, of course! the thought of soup & salad was much too appealing for us to pass up. after a really good dinner (i’m now addicted to their salad) we went to barnes & noble for some uninterrupted book loving time. i know all of you with kids know how hard it is to browse books while running after a toddler. it’s those little things that make us happy. stoked that i can check #1 off of my 28 to-do-list for the month of july.

28 To Do List

I turned 28 about a month ago & finally finalized my 28 To Do List last night. I’m excited for this year!

28 To Do List
1. go on a date once a month
2. visit hannah in iowa
3. write down something i’m thankful for everyday
4. learn to play my harmonica
5. send more snail mail
6. go to a NASCAR race
7. read to Benjamin & new baby boland everyday
8. open my etsy shop
9. finish every project i start
10. go on a hike with the husband
11. enter a photo contest
12. read all the books i own
13. plant a garden
14. throw a dinner party
15. blog regularly
16. get tattooed
17. host a holiday in my home
18. make my book of lists
19. go on a picnic in balboa park
20. fill up my owl bank & buy something fun
21. swim in the ocean
22. read 1 book a month
23. take a class to learn something new
24. have a “girl’s weekend”
25. write something in benjamin’s & new baby boland’s journal everyday
26. go on a hot air balloon ride
27. try something no one thinks i would do
28. document everything