january photo a day challenge: day 18-30

catching up on my january photo a day challenge by fat mum slim.


and here’s day 31: me, again

i got a little behind near the end of the month, but it was a lot of fun to be able to see everyone’s photos everyday. so cool to see how we’re all using the same theme, but coming up with such different photos everyday.

so…now it’s time for february!

i’ll be uploading all my pictures to instagram & twitter so follow me if you got it: alysiajuanita


january photo a day challenge: day 1-15

when i heard about the january photo a day challenge that is being hosted by fat mum slim  i knew that it was something i really wanted to do! i’ve been wanting to do a project 365 for awhile now, but honestly, i probably wouldn’t be able to keep up. sure, i take a lot of photos, but blogging is not my strong-suit (obviously!). so looking at it a month at a time seemed pretty manageable.

here’s my day 1-15 (i’ll try to post the rest daily…try being the key word here):

if you have instagram or twitter you can follow me on there, too: alysiajuanita

if you still want to join in there’s still half the month left, play catch up! and it turns out she’s going to post a different monthly challenge so you can start in february, too.

until next time…

blogging? what’s that?

oh yes, i have a blog, don’t i?

it’s not really that i don’t want to blog. it’s not really that i don’t know what to blog. it’s not really that i don’t have time to blog. or maybe it is…just a little bit of everything.

when i started blogging i had high hopes for what i wanted it to be, but realistically, my high hopes don’t really fit into my lifestyle at this point. as much as i’ve wanted to blog this or that over the last 6 months or so, i really had to weigh if it was a wise use of my time. with an almost 3 year old, 1 year old & one more due in 6 months I really need to be wise with my time (disclaimer: this is not to say that you moms who do everything i do & blog aren’t using their time wisely-i just was not). blogging isn’t the only thing that’s taken a backseat; my sewing machine is collecting dust, my crochet needles don’t get as much use as they used to, my recipes have been super simplified & my pinterest board of things i’d like to make just keeps getting bigger & bigger.

i’m going to try to blog more because i really just enjoy doing it. i used to feel like i had something to prove, like i should only post things that everyone would find interesting, or like i had to live up to some blogger standard that i’ll never meet.

really…this is just a place for me & you…if you want to follow along. i can’t promise i’m going to post a ton more or that you’re going to love everything i have to say, so if you’re looking for that…sorry…there are a lot of other really amazing blogs out there that i can recommend you read. 🙂

till next time…

flashback friday : happy birthday baby

It’s been awhile since A) I posted & B) did a Flashback Friday. I’ve missed blogging, but with my 2 boys, it’s really last on my list of priorities. But I thought that I would come out of my blogging hibernation & do a post in honor of my baby big boy Benjamin.

Today he turns 2. Wow! Really?? When did this happen?

It really doesn’t seem like long ago when we took this picture. I was totally exhausted but so in love with my sweet boy.

It’s been 2 years full of  constant surprises, fun, love, laughing, & lots of learning (on both our parts). I am continuously amazed with the gift that God has given me.

Happy Birthday love.

December Date Day

Woo hoo, a date during the date time! Nate happened to get a rare day off for Christmas Eve & Benjamin was with Grandma so we took advantage of the beautiful day & headed to La Jolla to have breakfast/lunch at our favorite coffee shop, the Pannikin, in La Jolla. It was awesome to just relax, hang out, talk & enjoy a cup of tea together. Hard to believe that just a few years ago we did this exact thing on a regular basis when we were kidless college students.

After eating we drove up to Mount Soledad and went for a little walk & enjoyed the beautiful views. Gosh, I love where we live!

So far so good at keeping up on our monthly dates! Can’t wait to see where we’re headed to this month.

check. check.

I haven’t been blogging much. I have all these ideas for posts, but really, it’s just not a priority. I really do miss it, though. It’s the last thing that’s on my to-do list everyday, but since today I have a little down-time I thought I’d show you 2 of the most recent things I’ve checked off my list & made [& it’s 2 more things that I’ve actually started & completed…yay for my 28-to-do-list!].

I joined a Handmade Gift Exchange on Craftaholics Anonymous & I made this scarf for my partner. To be honest, when it was done I almost kept it for myself I liked it so much. I think I’m going to have to make one for myself in the near future.  I’m thinking with a lime green instead of the red, though…what do you think?

I also finally finished this super cute & soft blanket for a good friend of mine. She is pregnant & having a girl in January & I am so excited for her! I couldn’t resist these soft colors & the soft yarn [I really wish you could feel it, it’s amazing].

So there you have it…for now…

feeling crafty

hello blog, how i’ve missed you.

this month has been ridiculously busy & i’m just now getting time [since both my boys are asleep] to sit down and reflect on what i’ve been up to & do some much needed photo editing.

i’m really trying to follow #9 of my “28 to-do-list”, which is to finish every project that i start. i’ve actually been able to follow through on a few things [i’m still working on a ton of stuff] so here’s what i’ve been up to.

i recovered some 2 of our throw pillows in our living room to add some much needed color. our couches are beige, our walls are beige, our furniture is light wood…the blandness was driving me crazy. hoping to incorporate some more red into the room, i think it’ll make it really fun.

my niece is addicted to a crocheted blanket that was given to her as a gift when she was born. unfortunately, it’s a little large for her to tote around everywhere so i made her a small blanket to carry around. it’s still not the same as her favorite, but it’s growing on her.

one of  hubby’s cousins just had a super cute baby girl & i really wanted to take her something when we first met her. i hadn’t sewed a blanket in awhile so it’s really not the best i’ve ever sewed, but i think the super cute fabric makes up for my lack of perfection.

i still have LOTS that i’m working on & trying to get finished before malachi gets here [only 6 weeks left!] so i hope to update you all soon!