blogging? what’s that?

oh yes, i have a blog, don’t i?

it’s not really that i don’t want to blog. it’s not really that i don’t know what to blog. it’s not really that i don’t have time to blog. or maybe it is…just a little bit of everything.

when i started blogging i had high hopes for what i wanted it to be, but realistically, my high hopes don’t really fit into my lifestyle at this point. as much as i’ve wanted to blog this or that over the last 6 months or so, i really had to weigh if it was a wise use of my time. with an almost 3 year old, 1 year old & one more due in 6 months I really need to be wise with my time (disclaimer: this is not to say that you moms who do everything i do & blog aren’t using their time wisely-i just was not). blogging isn’t the only thing that’s taken a backseat; my sewing machine is collecting dust, my crochet needles don’t get as much use as they used to, my recipes have been super simplified & my pinterest board of things i’d like to make just keeps getting bigger & bigger.

i’m going to try to blog more because i really just enjoy doing it. i used to feel like i had something to prove, like i should only post things that everyone would find interesting, or like i had to live up to some blogger standard that i’ll never meet.

really…this is just a place for me & you…if you want to follow along. i can’t promise i’m going to post a ton more or that you’re going to love everything i have to say, so if you’re looking for that…sorry…there are a lot of other really amazing blogs out there that i can recommend you read. 🙂

till next time…


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