28 To Do List

I turned 28 about a month ago & finally finalized my 28 To Do List last night. I’m excited for this year!

28 To Do List
1. go on a date once a month
2. visit hannah in iowa
3. write down something i’m thankful for everyday
4. learn to play my harmonica
5. send more snail mail
6. go to a NASCAR race
7. read to Benjamin & new baby boland everyday
8. open my etsy shop
9. finish every project i start
10. go on a hike with the husband
11. enter a photo contest
12. read all the books i own
13. plant a garden
14. throw a dinner party
15. blog regularly
16. get tattooed
17. host a holiday in my home
18. make my book of lists
19. go on a picnic in balboa park
20. fill up my owl bank & buy something fun
21. swim in the ocean
22. read 1 book a month
23. take a class to learn something new
24. have a “girl’s weekend”
25. write something in benjamin’s & new baby boland’s journal everyday
26. go on a hot air balloon ride
27. try something no one thinks i would do
28. document everything

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