Flashback Friday

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Another Friday, another Flashback. Check out Christopher & Tia’s blog for more!

this week my first instinct was to post a flashback friday about one of my favorite birthdays since today happens to be my birthday. unfortunately upon looking for photos, i don’t really seem to have any at my home that are really significant.

i looked & looked & came upon this picture of my husband taken in september 2007 while enjoying a stroll in downtown ventura.

i love how happy he looks. i love his smile. i love the reflection in his glasses (one of my bff’s nancy striking a pose). i love the red of his beard that sharply stops at his brown hair. i see this picture & it just makes me smile.

i don’t think i post nearly enough about my husband & how awesome he is. i love him a lot. ❤


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Aww, I love husband posts!! I don’t think many of my blogger friends talk nearly enough about their husbands, every time I catch a glimpse of one I feel overwhelmed with noseyness, haha.

    Thats a great picture.

  2. why do some men have that weird phenomenon? you know, the red beard/brown hair thing? my cousin has it and there is no one in our family with red hair.

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