happy birthday benjamin!

My baby boy Benjamin is turning 1 today. Wow, seriously?! I look at him & literally want to tear up sometimes. Why was I so blessed to have such a gorgeous little guy? I thank God everyday for the blessing that he has give. me. Even on the toughest of days he still manages to tug at my heart & make me so so happy.

I love his kisses, the way he laughs when he finishes nursing, when he runs (used to crawl) down the hallway naked after bathtime, the way he coos when he sees the dog, his determination when he really wants to do something, and most of all his gorgeous smile.

I’ve spent the last week reminiscing about my pregnancy & birth. I had a difficult pregnancy filled with throwing up & back pain. It was awesome that I was able to stay home during my pregnancy & just focus on my health and Benjamin. Thankfully I had a relatively easy birth, though. I was in labor for about 14 hours & was only technically checked in to the hospital for about 3.5 hours by the time he was born. I spent most of my labor walking around the hospital & eating Chipotle at the mall. I didn’t really have a “difficult” time until the last hour or so because of the fact that he was face up & wouldn’t turn. I pushed for a whole 40 minutes & most of that time was spent getting him to turn. My first words to my gorgeous baby boy were “Benjamin, it’s about time.” So precious, huh?

He brings me so much happiness. I have enjoyed the past year immensely & as much as I’d like time to stop, I really can’t wait for the coming year.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. ❤

P.S. Thanks Amber at RockerByeBaby for the great picture! Benjamin modeled a sweatshirt for her & she got this awesome shot! Check out her Etsy store for some super cute stuff!


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