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Yay! My very first Flashback Friday. I’ve been frequenting The Adventures of Christopher & Tia for sometime now & have always wanted to participate, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

This is very very pregnant me almost 1 year ago, March 16, 2009. It was only 2 days before my Benjamin was born & 4 days from my due date of March 20. It was such a beautiful day so my husband & I went for a walk with our good friends in the gorgeous city of Laguna Beach. I was so so over being pregnant at this point & would have loved for Benjamin to be born on St. Patrick’s day, especially since his papa is Irish & his middle name happens to be Patrick (totally not planned to work out like that). I was really hoping this walk would help to start my labor. Of course things never work out perfectly & my labor didn’t start until the early morning of March 18.

This is probably my absolute favorite pregnancy photo. I love the silhouette & how you can totally see all of my big bellyness in it’s full glory. What you can’t see is my extreme discomfort, back pain, and the fact that I waddled everywhere! haha. I can hardly believe that this was only a year ago. I’m sitting here looking at my baby boy walk around his room & get into everything & it really feels as if this photo was taken just yesterday & he’s still in my tummy.

For more flashbacks check out The Adventures of Christopher & Tia.


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