Body After Baby

It’s another week of Mama Note’s Body After Baby Challenge. I can’t say that I’m doing a stellar job, but I am making some improvements.

These past couple of weeks I’ve had a really hard time finding the motivation I need to get started. Last week I didn’t even post because there really wasn’t much to tell. I know what I want to do, but doing it is a whole other deal.

This past week I’ve been able to consistently eat breakfast and cut down on my soda intake, which I’m super proud of! I’ve been cooking dinner a lot, too. Trying out new healthy recipes for my husband, Benjamin & I has been a lot of fun! I love making things that are healthy so that all 3 of us could eat without me having to make something separate for Benjamin. 

I haven’t started to develop an exercise routine, but I have gone for a walk the past couple of days with Benjamin. Today I carried him to the park in my Ergo and let me tell you, that was quite a little workout. 


One thought on “Body After Baby

  1. Good job! This was my week to not even post because there wasn’t a tone of progress! Hang in there and lets both make it a good week!

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