body after baby: week no. 7

it’s week 7 of mama note’s body after baby challenge. we’re almost done!

i actually did really great with this week’s mini challenge of sleeping 8 hours each night. i am so thankful for my awesome husband who helps me so much by getting benjamin every time he cries & bringing him to me. and he also lets me sleep in a bit in the morning since benjamin is quite the early bird.

this week we have 2 mini challenges. the first one is “how many days a week can you work out?” each day we work out for 30 minutes equals 1 point, with a max of 1 point each day. our other challenge is “how much water can you drink?” with a max of 8 points each day for 8 cups of water. i’m totally going to work extra hard this week to get the exercise points. as for drinking water, i’ve got that down, i LOVE water.

this week’s goals:

  • eat 3-5 healthy meals & snacks each day.
  • exercise atleast 30 minutes each day.
  • do pilates atleast 3 times this week.
  • drink atleast 80 oz. of water each day.

i’m excited to say that i fit into yet another pair of pants & my current weight is 115, which it hasn’t been since before i first got pregnant 2 years ago. i’m not so focused on the weight because i actually wouldn’t mind gaining some more by putting some muscle on my body. hoping i can kick the exercising into gear this week!


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