body after baby: week no. 6

wow, i cannot believe we are already in week 6 of mama note’s body after baby challenge! i’m happy to say that even though i haven’t been super consistent in everything i’m doing, i’m starting to feel healthier & i can definitely see a difference in my clothing. i’ve even started to be able to wear a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that i thought would never fit again!

this past week there was no mini challenge & it was an awesome week for me to reevaluate what i’ve been doing & where i need to improve. i improved my water intake and my exercise routine. i did pilates & yoga & even though i’m super sore, i’m happy that i’ve started trying to exercise. now i just have to start doing it consistantly. my goal is to do pilates atleast 3 times a week & i think i can pull it off with benjamin’s current sleep schedule in the morning. it leaves me the perfect amount of time to get up & do it before he wakes up again.

this week’s mini challenge is “how many days of 8 hours of sleep can you get”? luckily, i usually get about 8 hours of sleep a night, so i’m stoked on this week’s challenge. i have an awesome husband who gets up with benjamin every morning while i sleep & brings him back for me to nurse when he’s ready to go back to sleep. i am totally spoiled & i am so thankful for it. i hope to get my maximum amount of points this week!

this week’s goals:

  • eat 3-5 healthy meals & snacks each day.
  • walk atleast 3 times for atleast 1/2 hour each time.
  • do pilates atleast 3 times this week.
  • drink atleast 80 oz. of water each day.

how are the rest of you mom’s doing??


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