body after baby: week no. 5

we’re now starting week 5 of mama note’s body after baby challenge & i’m like a broken record…another week with no progress & no motivation at all. there’s not too much to report this week other than the fact that i’m home now, no longer on my extended stay at my parents house, so i’m going to attempt to get back into my normal routine. that includes eating atleast 3 healthy meals each day & starting to walk again. i’m not going to take my stats this week cause i don’t want to see how bad i’ve been doing. haha.

this week’s goals (basically the same as last week’s & the week before) :

  • eat 3-5 healthy meals each day.
  • walk atleast 3 times for atleast 1/2 hour each time.
  • do pilates & my 15 minute ab workout throughout the week
  • cut out as much soda as possible!

there’s no mini challenge this week so i’m hoping to just use this week to get back on track since i don’t have to worry about doing anything extra.

here’s to week 5!


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