body after baby: week no. 4

week three of mama note’s body after baby challenge is done & i have just one word for this week: FAIL.

i would call this week difficult, but it wasn’t really difficult to eat out a lot &  not exercise…at all. i’ve been at my parents for the past week & i wasn’t in my comfort zone at home so i let myself go eating whatever i wanted & making excuses for not walking.

this week’s mini challenge is “how many crunches can you do per day?” i can get a total of 50 points each day for doing 50 crunches, making each crunch worth 1 point each. doing crunches & working on my ab’s has definitely been something that i’ve been wanting to do so i’m confident that i can actually keep up this week.

this week’s goals (basically the same as last week’s) :

  • Eat 3-5 healthy meals each day.
  • Walk atleast 3 times this week for atleast 1/2 hour each time.
  • Do my 15 minute ab workout, including 50 crunches each day to get my maximum points.

my current stats:

  • weight: i didn’t weigh myself again this week because i don’t think my mom’s scale is right.
  • waist: 33.5 in. so obviously without even weighing myself i know that i definitely did not do well. *sigh* oh well.

one big motivator for me is that today i pulled out my old skinny jeans that i wore pre-pregnancy & they actually went on! one pair goes on & is almost comfortable enough to wear! i’m super excited & i am really going to work hard to get back into them.

so try, try again this week. update ya again in a week with hopefully much better results.


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