body after baby: week no. 3

oh, boy…this week has been a tough one. week 2 of mama note’s body after baby challenge is all done.

last week’s walking challenge was just that, a huge CHALLENGE. i did great on 2 days & not so good the rest of the week. i was really driven to do it, but unfortunately i let time get away from me & the rain played a small part in my lack of walking, too. obviously, i wasn’t driven enough. ha.

this week’s mini challenge is “how many healthy meals can you eat?” i am hoping that this isn’t going to be as hard as last week was. i already eat fairly healthy meals every day so i’m hoping to get my maximum points this week, although i did start off today with an in-n-out run. too bad fast food doesn’t count, though i really don’t think a cheeseburger & fries counts at all. there’s veggies in it, right? 🙂

last week i wanted one of my weekly goals to be doing pilates or yoga atleast three times throughout the week. i totally failed at that one! i went out of town & came up to my parents & totally didn’t bring my dvd or my mat with me. this week i got my new edition of real simple & they included a 15 minute ab workout that i’m going to try to do every morning or every night before i go to bed. i think that it should be totally doable.

this week’s goals:

  • Eat three healthy meals each day to get my maximum points.
  • Walk atleast 3 times this week for atleast 1/2 hour each time. i’ll definitely try for more once this rain lets up.
  • Do my 15 minute ab workout.

my current stats:

  • weight: i weighed myself here at my parents & it says that i weigh 12o. i hardly doubt that i gained 4 lbs this week so i’m not going to count this week since i’m not using my scale at home.
  • waist: 32 in. yay! i went down another 1/2 in. hopefully i’ll be into those old jeans soon!

i really hope to make some progress this third week!


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