6.5 months. really??!!


6.5 months ago I met my beautiful boy & everyday I feel like time is passing more & more quickly. It literally brings me to tears to think about how big he is getting! Where is my little baby?

Right after he turned 5 months old he started rolling over & then it was all over, he’s been on the move ever since. He started crawling backwards on all fours almost immediately & then last week he figured out how to crawl forward on all fours, completely skipping the army crawl I was expecting. Now he’s pulling himself up onto things & can completely go from crawling to sitting up all by himself. I knew he was a strong boy, but I really didn’t expect him to develop so quickly & become so independent so soon. My husband was an early walker, just shy of 8 months, so I know it’s only a matter of time before Benjamin follows in his footsteps.

I appreciate those moments that he needs me so much more now. I love how quickly I can calm him down & how excited he gets when I enter a room (even if it is just because he’s hungry!). One of my favorite recent moments was the other night when he was sitting in his crib crying & when i reached for him he totally reached his little arms up to meet mine & then buried his face in my shoulder. I enjoy breast feeding so much more now, too. I love those quiet moments where he’s totally content being in my arms comfort nursing & knowing that in that moment he only wants me.

I’m just not looking forward to that day (though, I know it’s far off) where I’m not who he wants to be with all the time.

*sigh*I hope I don’t turn into one of those possessive Mama’s! haha.


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