27 To-Do List

On June 25 I celebrated my 27th birthday. My 26th year was interesting to say the least. It had it’s share of exciting times along with some not so good times, but when it comes down to it, it was pretty amazing, especially because of the birth of my baby boy Benjamin. I’m so excited about what my 27th year has coming!

I was inspired by a blog that I LOVE to read, enJOY it by Elise Blaha, to make a list of 27 things I want to accomplish in my 27th year & chronicle it in a homemade journal. She makes the most awesome books & journals! I have the journal in the works & I’m so excited to add to it as the year goes along & I start to accomplish some of the items on my list.

Can’t wait to get started!

1. Visit LACMA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

2. Do Yoga or Pilates twice a week

3. Go on a date once a month

4. Go on walks with Nate & Benjamin & Davy Jones

5. Go Rock Climbing

6. Read at least 1 book per month

7. Complete one “big” craft per month

8. Make Birthday cards & actually send them out

9. Visit Hannah in Iowa

10. Get Pregnant

11. Watch atleast 50 movies on AFI’s Top 100 List

12. Move into our own place

13. Cook something I’ve never made before every week

14. Write down something I’m thankful for every day

15. Visit the Getty Villa in Malibu

16. Throw a Dinner Party

17. Write a letter a week

18. Go to a NASCAR Race

19. Sew a dress

20. Read to Benjamin every night

21. Plant a garden

22. Listen to every album on my iPod

23. Visit Griffith Park

24. Make tortillas from scratch

25. Write something in Benjamin’s journal every day

26. Have a picnic in Balboa Park

27. Document everything


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